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Looking toward Brooklin

The Blue Hill Bridge, Maine Its the first month of Summer; at the final miles of a long ride the bridge takes form out of the dark.  Ahead, lies the entrance into our Brigadoon. A reverse tide surges white capped and […]

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Winter’s Seen

The snow has fallen. Waking to white; cold, weighty fabric, like wool, spread across the morning. Waking, rising and stirring into silence, the day is tucked in and snoozing.  Icicles pull the windows shut – the weight of the spell […]

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The Darkest Hour

Harvest Moon, Brooklin ME Something impish and frisky lives behind the curtain of darkness ; as the moon lies down to sleep and the sun prepares to rise for morning, a vast horizon of beautiful secrets steals out to stretch […]

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Red Light Morning

Brooklin ME Up before the sun.  I drive out to Flye Point, walk down to the ocean.  The breeze, bitter, yet refreshing.  The tide, still sleeping, lies quiet.  Moments breathe into water, into gull calls, into blowing sand.  Morning sneaks […]

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Fire Spirit

First match strike of Autumn and the small iron stove crackles and purrs, its orange eyes alive and searing.  Vivid, intensely dancing, it leaps from its cage, swelling and stretching from its long Summer sleep. My home honors its arrival. […]

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Summer, Falling down.

September. I’m once again in Brooklin, ME.  Summer crowds now gone, songbirds having caught the urge to go no longer sing in the surrounding woods, even the tide lulls softer; it’s a good silence, deep and comfortable.  Fog sits over […]

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Morning comes to Tugu

Indonesia Travel Diary Entry 3 Morning, 5am. Tugu Macan, Sumatra, Indonesia. I wake to the mosque’s loud broadcast of morning prayer.  The singer’s deep vocal resonance vibrates through the closed door and stone walls. I lie in a small, hard […]

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“and so into the mythos…”

Indonesia travel diary #2 We’ve arrived at Kerinci Seblat National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site and preserve for the Sumatran Tiger, Rhinoceros and, reportedly, the Orang Pendek – a small, bi-pedal, ape-like creature whose cravings for sugar and tobacco […]

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“On the road through Indo” diary entry 1

We head for the jungle.  Up and up we go on the only road out of Padang toward the village of Tugu Macan. The one lane –  narrow, uneven, mostly made of dirt or stone – has major portions washed […]

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