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“The Wooden Boat” 
A documentary


What is it about a wooden boat that inspires such love and devotion? True, wooden boats are intimately connected with life and survival – a boat meant new lands, new opportunity, better prospects for food and weather. It was a means to escape or confront danger, to battle and protect. The world was conquered by the wooden boat – be it the early conquests of the Vikings, Columbus’ “discovery” of North and South America, or the exploration of great rivers such as the Missourri, Amazon or Nile. The trade of spices, tea, fabric and exotic goods from the far corners of the globe became possible. They are the source of mythical journeys such as Jason and the Argo, Odysseus and his 12 ships of the Odyssey or Noah and his Arc. A boat was everything, and the ability to build and use one was the difference between life and death. But there is still a community at large whose passion for the wooden boat goes beyond the ordinary. Why? Is this idiosyncratic fanaticism a longing for a “heartier” time that no longer exists in everyday life? Or a need for tradition? Does building a boat really mean building the vessel of a personal mythic journey? Or is it simply a thing of beauty and historical significance? This film seeks to discover and share, through an intimate look at the history of the wooden boat and the personal stories of the people who build them, sail them, covet them and love them, “what is it that’s so special about the wooden boat?”. Please check out the dedicated page on this website HERE and/or check out the film site HERE 



This series of short subject documentaries focuses on people and organizations who are tackling global issues on a local level. Through ingenuity, innovation, and inspiration, solutions are being created to world issues such as education, food sustainability, climate change and homelessness. Do you know a person who’s defying the odds to make changes in his/her life? Is there are company or organization that is utilizing an innovative technology to tackle a world issue? Do you know of a community that has made big changes in policy to address a global concern? I’d love to hear their story.  

Please send me a message via the form below to find out how to participate in either of these projects. 

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