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A Dying Breed: The Lobstermen of Maine

The Fight for Survival

As corporate vertical integration swallows the fishing industry, Lobstermen are experiencing the loss of their livelihood and heritage to sky-rocketing business costs and forced regulation favoring buyers and distributers, but by unionizing, can the Lobstermen of Maine save their way of life?  This documentary follows the stories of several independent Lobstermen as they join together with the new Maine Lobstering Union to fight for their homes, heritage and future.  

Independent Lobstermen have always been a part of the iconic landscape along the small, seaside villages of coastal Maine, and also the backbone of these communities. However, due to increased corporate vertical integration and pricey forced regulations, lobstermen have become a dying breed, and the small seaside communities – some of America’s favorite vacation destinations – are disappearing. The vanishing middle class, and increasing income gap between classes, has become epidemic. Too often are the small independent businessmen overtaken by deep corporate pockets and too seldom is there recourse. However Lobstermen along the Maine coast, renowned for being fiercely competitive have cast aside their differences and joined forces to create a new union in order to save their homes, livelihood and heritage. Through exclusive access to Union organizers, leaders, and lobstermen’s work, communities and homes, this documentary tells their story, showing their way of life and the fight to save it. 

This segment features Captain Julie Eaton who fishes out of Stonington ME

This project is being filmed on a Panasonic GH4 and includes exclusive GoPro footage of in-shore and off-shore lobstering. Immersing into Maine’s small coastal towns, and the life and work of the Lobstermen, it offers a rare glimpse into the livelihood and communities of the Lobstering Trade.  

Donations are gratefully being accepted through the Paypal button below to help with the financial costs of producing this documentary such as travel expenses, media storage, licensing and insurance.  If you would like to donate but are uncomfortable with the web transaction please Email Me 


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