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The Art of Silly

Let the inner wacky commence – let it fly right to the moon – unhampered by self consciousness it gushes out in tides of fun-time, zany juice. Silliness is freedom, and more than freedom: its a right, a privilege, an entitlement, a pastime, an art.  And few do it better than a 6 year old.

Remember what it was like to be in a tickle fight with life?  Every morning the sun would rise onstage with a new routine of shenanigans – secret delights and inside jokes, stunts and gags – crafting the day for your own personal amusement. 

These are not photographs of a 6 year old (ce ne sont pas des photos d’une enfant de six) – its a million games made up in the moment – hide and seek, tag, find the biggest shell, who can jump higher – its the ballet at the Carnegie Hall of Silliness. And what a charming, inspiring performance it was. 

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