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  • Ahh Falls Bridge! My fav. This is a great pictures. I grew up spending a few weeks in the summer just a few paces north of this. You’ve got the tide of Canary Cove flowing into Salt Lake Pond. When the tides are good, you’ll see avid kayakers parking their cars right along where you took the picture to run the “rapids” under the bridge. Low tide sunset is best to hop down to the rocks and take pictures. If you’re think, would you take some great photos of the red boathouse in Canary Cove? Thank you 🙂

    • Heather Holloway

      Thank you for your comments! I do have a few pictures of the red boathouse, that little cove is wonderful, but none of the pictures I’ve taken so far, I feel, adequately capture the feeling and vibe of that little microcosm. Every time we’re there, kayakers or surfers are riding the waves. Something about that bridge says “almost home” to me…

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