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DORIS A New Beginning


Over a year ago I encountered the story of DORIS (Ex Vayu, Huntress, Astarte) a Herreshoff Mfg Co built giant yacht crumbling to moss and earth in the back corner of a boatyard.  I fell in love with the boat, although she was little more then driftwood, and began collecting information about her past – archive photos of her from the major historic collections, articles of her debut season, pictures of faces and the names of those who sailed her. There was a rush to tell the story of this historically significant yacht, as she was scheduled to be scrapped. Now, thanks to an enthusiastic client, DORIS has been saved.

The complete restoration of DORIS, an anticipated five year project, will be the largest ever undertaken by Snediker Yacht Restoration, LLC, and will culminate in a feature length documentary. The website www.doris1905.com will follow the progress as she’s returned to her original specifications, featuring the latest information and pictures, in addition, will share her history as its discovered through past owners and maritime archives.


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  • Robert Burke

    I was a crew member on Vayu when Jim Mercanti owned it. I was going to college and Jim hired me for my summer job. We did charter cruises and it was the best job I ever had in my life. It was from 1967 to 1971. Jim taught me so much about sailing. He was a graduate of the Merchant Marine academy and a master sailor. He gave me a copy of the original plans from 1904 and still have them framed in my study.

  • Tom Mallard

    This is a great project such a worthy hull, if there are ongoing snapshots online please let me know, I’d love a sistership if closer would volunteer, cheers!

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