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The ‘E’ in ‘Christmas’

Oh Ethan – Enchanting, Engrossing, Entertaining, Enormous (yes, he’s a wee lil’ E but quite sizable in Effervescence and Ebullience) – he’s all these Es of Christmas and many, many more. A magical, merry little Elf with the rosy cheeks and jolly, sweet demeanor of a big, present-pulling, sleigh-riding, reindeer-driving old guy. Made of chocolate cakes, peppermint canes, fuzzy stockings, cinnamon sticks and big red bows – plump with love and cuteness – all the Everlasting wonder of the special day is wrapped up in this Extra-small package. You, Ethan, are the juicy, rich, yummy, Exquisite figgie in the Christmas pudding.  Exceptional and Extraordinary is this Lil’Big E named Ethan. 

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