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Wee Lil’ Baby

She was a little cranky on the day of her photo shoot, as well she should be.  It’s not fun being 7 months old- well not all fun.  There are teeth to cut, vaccinations to be had, squeaky toys to squeak; a wee lil’ babe’s duties are never done (pun intended). But when she smiled, it was the sweetest little smile on the planet (or at least in Rhode Island).

Photographing babies, by nature of the activity, brings into being a palpable “oneness”: nothing else exists outside the moment at hand.  The sheer delight of experience and surroundings catches on like velcro to felt, all involved wear the baby’s glee like badges.  Smiles are complete, joyous, effortless – the world in all its glorious wonder shines through the face.  Little toes and hands exploring nearby marvelous objects, discovering new toys in grass, blankets, rocks and sand. Time stands still in watching and snapping, freezing the tiny face in all its glory.

This and here contains everything in the universe. This little person, the Wee Lil’Baby, is the big, whole, wide world.  

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